If you love to jump on the trampoline and you want to master all kinds of jumps and tricks, then you have the opportunity at Xjump Trampolin Park.

In Xjump we have started a class called “Team Jump”, where you get the opportunity to learn the techniques to perform the best jumps. The team will consist of up to a maximum of 15 people – both beginner and advanced. The price is 100 kr for each sessions.

Beginner team: Every Tuesday at. 17:00 – 18:00 (arrival 16:30)

At the beginner team will you learn the basic jumping techniques.

Vi have focus on the starter position, body position in the jump and the landing. You will practice saltoes, with the right technique.

Advanced team: Every Thursday at. 17:00 – 18:00 (arrival 16:30)

Our advanced team is for you there already have good and extensive knowledge of jumping on the trampoline.

On our Advanced team every thursday, we will find out what to do from time to time – so it will be tailored to your level.

Note: It is not a requirement that you attend all Thursdays, but we recommend it, so you can get even better!

Beginner Team:

This course is the start-up phase of how to become a good trampoline jumper. Both start position on the trampoline and body positions on the trampoline – and in the air – as well as landings, will be practiced. The aforementioned elements are all important in order to make a good jump. They will therefore be thoroughly reviewed as we increase the level. In order for this course to not get boring, there will eventually be an opportunity to test jumps and saltoes, but the focus will still be on the technique. When you know all the basis we will practice the saltos as much as we can to get as many as possible to land on the legs after this course.

There will be training both in the foam pit and on the other trampolines in the park.

If the Jump Team sounds like something you might want, then sign up to our beginner team and start to develop your jumping technique!

Advanced Team:

Do you want to learn how to make stretched saltoes, screws or maybe double saltoes and have you tried to jump before or just came from our beginners team? Then it’s the advanced Jump Team to sign up for.

Here we will take you to a higher level and challenge your jumping skills. There will still be focus on the technique behind all the jumps being performed while having fun.

So if you’re ready to challenge yourself, our Team Jump instructors are ready to teach you!