Safety Rules

At Xjump safety is paramount. Jumping on trampolines can be categorized as an extreme sport and can therefore result in injury if safety procedures are not followed or monitored closely.

Before your jump session you will be asked to sign our waiver which acknowledges your agreement to adhere to our safety rules and procedures. A parent or guardian will be asked to sign on behalf of any jumpers who are under the age of 18. You will also be required to watch our safety briefing which details our rules and safe jumping procedures within the park. All jumpers must wear non-slip socks during their jump session at Xjump.

NOTE: Alcohol, smoking and euphoric substances of all kind are not allowed in Xjump trampoline park.
If there is any suspicion that a guest is affected by any kind, Xjump maintain the right to exclude the person from his/her’s jumping time, without any refund.

Before you jump

  • Before jumping empty all pockets and remove anything from your mouth
  • No cameras, phones or other handheld devices are permitted on the trampolines
  • Never jump if you have health issues/injuries, are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs

During your jumping

  • Be aware of your jump space. watch for other jumpers and give right of way to younger jumpers.
  • No food or drink on trampolines
  • Stay within the jump area of the trampoline. no jumping or landing on the padding
  • Concentrate on your own jumping. do not affect the jumping of any other jumpers
  • Remain in control and jump to your own ability.
  • Xjump staff are fully trained. please adhere to their guidelines

And most important of all – have fun!

Additional safety information

Personal belongings
Padded Areas
Padded Posts
Strategic Netting
Safety Team
Foam Pits
Non-slip socks
Safety Signage